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Paying for stays with points

Free overnight stay

Free overnight stay

Pay in full with points

Treat yourself to a free night at any of over 4,000 Best Western hotels worldwide with your Best Western Rewards points. You can get this for as few as 5,000 points and it always applies to a standard double room. This means that you can usually redeem your first free night after just 6 regular nights.

Your free night as a voucher
You can also redeem your points for a free night voucher. Choose your desired points category and the voucher will be emailed to you.

Please note that this voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. The voucher is transferable to other travelers at any time.

Select points 
5.000   8.000  
12.000   16.000 
20.000  24.000
28.000 32.000
36.000 40.000
56.000 70.000

Book your free night directly
You want to redeem your points directly for a stay at the hotel of your choice? Then click on "book now".

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Pay with Points

Pay with Points

Pay proportionally with points

You have not yet collected enough points for a free night at your desired hotel? Then use the Pay with Points rate and determine the ratio of points & money yourself.

Starting from 5,000 points, which correspond to a value of 25 US dollars, you can pay for your room partially with points. Depending on your current points balance, you flexibly adjust how many points you redeem and how much you pay in cash.

How does it work?
You can book the "Pay with Points" rate through the Best Western Rewards Service or here under "Book Now". First, log in to your member profile and then select your destination. Then select the "Pay with Points" rate under "Rewards" in the booking screen.

Any questions?
Read all the details here in the FAQ.

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Vouchers for Best Western & shopping fans

Travel Card

Travel Card

For Best Western fans

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of travel. The Best Western Travel Card is a reloadable stored value card that can be used for Best Western stays at any of our more than 4,000 hotels in over 100 countries.

The Travel Card is available in USD, CAD, EURO and in GBP and serves as Best Western "cash". It can be used to pay Best Western hotel charges (any eligible services managed or operated by a BW hotel) and applicable taxes. Each Travel Card is subject to the terms and conditions posted at Cards issued through Best Western Rewards may be reloaded by redeeming points through the Best Western Rewards member service.

Note: This Best Western Travel Card can be issued as a physical gift card upon request. Please contact our Best Western Rewards Member Services for further assistance.

Redeem now:

3.600 15 € Best Western Travel Card select
6.000 25 € Best Western Travel Card select
9.500 40 € Best Western Travel Card select
12.000 50 € Best Western Travel Card select
24.000 100 € Best Western Travel Card select
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Shopping voucher

Shopping voucher

For shopping fans

Redeem your points for a Digital Select Gift Card by Best Western, which you can then convert into one of over 45 partner vouchers such as Amazon, IKEA, Media Markt, Otto, Saturn, Sixt, Tchibo, Zalando and many more. You can find an overview of all rewards here

Here's how: Choose a Digital Select Gift Card by Best Western according to your points balance. You will then receive an email with a link where you can choose your desired reward from over 45 partner vouchers. Alternatively, you are welcome to order your Digital Select Gift Card by Best Western by calling our Member Services department.

Redeem now:

18.000  50 € select
36.000 100 € select
72.000 200 € select
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Redeem points for a good deed

Plant trees

Plant trees

1,000 points for one tree

​Redeem your diligently collected points to plant a tree with Click A Tree and do your part to make the earth healthier, fairer and thus better for all inhabitants.

Specifically, you support the project in Ghana, for which several thousand square meters of land have already been reforested thanks to Best Western. The planted trees store CO2, prevent land erosion and cool the earth's surface. In addition, important habitat for endangered animals is created as well as full-time employment and thus income for the local people. Last but not least, you will also support Click A Tree's entrepreneurial school in Ghana, which provides education to young people in the project area.

Redeem your points now for a tree planting and learn more about our partner Click A Tree.​

Logo Click-A-Tree

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