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Discover new hotels

Whether you are on vacation, a business trip or a weekend getaway - with us you will find a home away from home for a short or even a long time. More than 4,000 hotels worldwide are looking forward to your visit, including around 230 in Germany, Croatia, Luxembourg, Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. And our brand family is constantly growing! For you, that means:
More destinations. More choice. More individual hotel experiences.

Get to know our latest additions:

March 2022

Best Western Hotel Augusta

Best Western Hotel Augusta

Ludwigstrasse 2
86152 Augsburg


January 2022

Best Western Plus Hotel Stadtquartier Haan

Best Western Plus Hotel Stadtquartier Haan Teaserbox

Neuer Markt 23
42781 Haan


December 2021

Das Palmenwald Schwarzwaldhof

Das Palmenwald Schwarzwaldhof BW Signature Collection Teaserbox

Lauterbadstrasse 56
72250 Freudenstadt


November 2021

Best Western Hotel Airport Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main
Best Western Hotel Airport Frankfurt

De-Saint-Exupéry-Strasse 6
60549 Frankfurt am Main


October 2021

Best Western Hotel Arabellapark München

Best Western Hotel Arabellapark

Arabellastrasse 13-15
81925 Munich