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Conference facilities

Find out more about our event options here. We have various rooms available for different event formats. From room sizes and sketches to possible seating arrangements and corresponding numbers of participants to conference technology - here are the details!

Number of conference rooms: 7

Maximum number of persons in the largest room with auditorium seating: 550

Hybrid and digital meeting options

Digital event formats

Digital / Video Conferences, Stream events, Hybrid Conference


Digital event technology

Smartscreens / Monitors / Mobile Monitors, Video camera, Microphones, Presenter, Sound equipment, Other, Digital whiteboard, Playback technology for presentations, Recording technology, Tool for streaming the video conference, Interaction tools

Various headlight systems, tracker/spots, blacklight, mirror ball, fog machine, large area overhead, video beamer with 15,000 ansi lumens, interpreter system on request, catwalks, piano and concert grand piano, CD recording etc.

Our BEST program for fun and a great time: boat trips at Lake of Constance
Enjoy one of the diverse boat trips with the "White Fleet" on Lake Constance. Here are some examples: - Rädlefahrt - with young wine, regional vesper and music over the lake. - Häfler Dixiefahrt - an unforgettable evening with a live band. - Oktoberfest - Oktoberfest beer, typical Oktoberfest specialties and a lots of fun on board. Prices and dates on availability and request

Our BEST cultural programming: Guided tour in the Baroque Basilika
Visit the largest Baroque church north of the Alps with the Holy Blood relic. Group tours are possible with preebooking for up to 40 people (larger groups on request). The tour lasts about 55 minutes and can be booked from Monday to Saturday. For groups up to 15 people, the price is about 30.00 EUR, from 16 persons onwards there will be a charge of 2.00 EUR per person.

Our BEST sports programming: Segway Parcours

Experience the indescribable fascination of Segway driving at your conference. Driving is really easy to learn. After a short practice, you can already prove your skills in the Segway course. Our partner, Team-X, will look after you with a trained instructor and the necessary equipment. Book 1.5 to 3 hours of driving fun for your team (reservation requested).

Kantine - restaurant and club
"Kantine" - out of a hundred-year-old, used industial hall in the station district of Ravensburg a custom-designed restaurant and a club room was created.

Start request

You prefer the personal dialogue right from the start? Start your Express Request here and have us call you back as soon as possible, within 60 minutes, during BWH MICE Desk office hours.

Express Inquiry

If you would like to receive a custom offer for your detailed requirements from the MICE Desk, please send us your meeting request.

Detailed inquiry

Convention rooms

Not specified number of persons, especially in the banquet seating, you will receive gladly on request

Room Length Width Height Area (m2) Floor
Altdorf/Schwaben/Bodensee 2,70 m 108,00 ground floor 66 102 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
Altdorf 7,60 m 5,30 m 2,70 m 40,00 ground floor 18 12 35 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
Staufer-/Welfensaal 1.126,00 ground floor 550 924 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
Alamannen 13,00 m 9,20 m 3,30 m 119,00 ground floor 72 31 126 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
Altdorf/Schwaben 13,00 m 5,30 m 2,70 m 68,00 ground floor 40 30 70 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
Bodensee 5,30 m 5,30 m 2,70 m 28,00 ground floor 12 null 15 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
Schwaben 7,50 m 5,30 m 2,70 m 40,00 ground floor 18 12 26 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
Staufersaal 15,70 m 18,50 m 4,90 m 194,00 ground floor 136 43 200 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
Schwaben/Bodensee 13,00 m 5,30 m 2,70 m 68,00 ground floor 36 30 64 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
Schweiz 9,80 m 5,30 m 2,70 m 52,00 ground floor 30 20 49 no - not available Yes Yes
Welfensaal 24,30 m 27,30 m 5,00 m 932,00 ground floor 450 72 864 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes