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Conference facilities

Find out more about our event options here. We have various rooms available for different event formats. From room sizes and sketches to possible seating arrangements and corresponding numbers of participants to conference technology - here are the details!

Number of conference rooms: 4

Maximum number of persons in the largest room with auditorium seating: 100

Hybrid and digital meeting options

Digital event formats

Hybrid Conference, Other


Digital event technology

Microphones, Presenter, Lighting

theme coffee breaks, Barbecue evening in the beer garden Barbecue course Kitchen party from 40 people

Large events can be held near the hotel here:

Name Max. persons Distance
Stadthalle Aschaffenburg  600  20,00 km
Stadthalle Lohr am Main  800  25,00 km

Our BEST program for fun and a great time: With the Segway through the Spessart
An exciting tour through the Spessart awaits you. Let yourself be captivated and experience a new driving experience with the Segway.Street was yesterday! Extraordinary promises to be your SEGWAY off-road tour. Quiet and electric it goes over gravel and sand.

Our BEST cultural programming: Guided tour of Johannisburg Castle in a historical costume
Guided tour of Johannisburg Castle in a historical costume - "A New Residence for the Elector" Let yourself be taken into the Renaissance period in Aschaffenburg, the time of the new building of Schloss Johannisburg at the beginning of the 17th century. A historical person accompanies you through the rooms of the castle and reports on the time of the Middle Ages.

Our BEST sports programming: High ropes course

High ropes course in Heigenbrücken Get to know your colleagues from a completely different perspective and experience together the ultimate climbing fun in the middle of nature. By motivating, encouraging, encouraging each other or simply laughing together, you will experience a cohesion that you can't experience anywhere else.

Best Western Hotel Brunnenhof
Rooms for events and celebrations for up to 200 people. The beer garden and magnificent park offer many possibilities for outdoor events.

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Convention rooms

Not specified number of persons, especially in the banquet seating, you will receive gladly on request

Room Length Width Height Area (m2) Floor
Spessart 10,50 m 8,00 m 2,80 m 90,00 basement 28 26 no - not available Yes Yes
Franken 1 + 2 12,00 m 8,50 m 3,00 m 100,00 ground floor 28 no - not available Yes Yes
Franken 1 8,50 m 8,00 m 3,00 m 64,00 ground floor 34 no - not available Yes Yes
Franken 2 3,50 m 8,50 m 3,00 m 35,00 ground floor 12 no - not available Yes Yes
Think Tank 4,50 m 4,00 m 3,00 m 18,00 ground floor no - not available Yes Yes
Wintergarten 7,00 m 5,50 m 2,80 m 40,00 ground floor 20 35 no - not available Yes Yes