Best Western Plus BierKulturHotel Schwanen

, Ehingen, Donau


about the conference hotel in Ehingen, Donau

Number of conference rooms: 6

Maximum number of persons in the largest room with auditorium seating: 36

We offer conference rooms with the following features

Room diagrams

Conference technology

free of charge

Hand microphone, Slide projector, Canvas, Wireless microphone

Conference technology

for charge

Video recorder, CD player, TV, Pinboard, Data projector, Amplification system, Flipchart, Microphone system, Photo copy, Video camera

Samsung Flip, digital flipchart, Benq Instashow: wireless transmission to the projector

SWABIAN PLATE with culinary treats from Swabia. BEER MENUS in different variations with corresponding beers. PASTA- / HAXEN- / SPARERIBSPARTY incl. 10 liter beer keg to tap yourself. SWISS RACLETTE / MEAT / BEE CHEESE FONDUE in convivial rounds with good conversations to feast to your heart's content. BREWHOUSE BBQ - Grill your steak and side dishes on our Japanese table grills.

Large events can be held near the hotel here:

Name Max. persons Distance
Lindenhalle großer Saal  750  0,30 km
Lindenhalle kleiner Saal  185  0,30 km

Our BEST program for fun and a great time: Micha´s brewing seminar
Take a look behind the scenes of our Gasthof-Brauerei in our brewing seminar. Here is geschrotet, mashed, stirred, boiled, cooled, fermented and bottled. Learn the small and big secrets of making the tasty hop drink. The price includes: all beers, all non-alcoholic drinks, 1 Bierschnäpsle, 5 course menu around the beer and beer connoisseur diploma.

Our BEST cultural programming: brewhouse table BBQ
Derived from the Japanese form of BBQ, enjoy an evening of culinary delights. Meat and vegetables are served in small appetizers on plates, which you can then - from 4 persons - can be barbecued at will at the dining table.

Our BEST sports programming: brewhouse minigolf

Ever played golf in the brewery? No? Then you are exactly right with us! Play a small game of golf in the premises of the brewery and the hotel. Whether in a conference break or to end the day, it is always great fun. And best of all, whatever the weather and season.

brewhouse Schwanen
The Schwanen brewery, established in 1697, is the headquarters of our design hotel. Home-brewed beer, home-distilled spirits, rounded off with Swabian cuisine. Enjoy your evening in a rustic atmosphere and brew your own beer in the shower seminar.

Convention rooms

The maximum numbers of persons refer to "new normal" seating and are calculated with 1.5 m distance per person. Not specified numbers of persons, especially in the banquet seating, are available on request.

Room Length Width Height Area (m2) Floor
Brauhaus 8,51 m 4,70 m 2,68 m 40,00 ground floor 12 10 10 yes - but not individual adjustable Yes Yes
Sudhaus 7,00 m 3,60 m 2,68 m 25,20 ground floor 4 6 6 yes - but not individual adjustable Yes Yes
Sudhaus + Brauhaus 12,17 m 4,70 m 2,68 m 57,20 ground floor 18 14 12 yes - but not individual adjustable Yes Yes
Brennerei 7,65 m 3,12 m 2,16 m 23,90 ground floor 4 4 4 no - not available Yes Yes
Hopfengarten 6,00 m 3,75 m 3,00 m 22,60 ground floor 4 4 4 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
Malztenne 6,00 m 3,75 m 3,00 m 22,60 ground floor 4 4 4 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
Keimkasten 6,00 m 3,75 m 3,00 m 22,60 ground floor 4 4 8 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
2 Räume (1+2 oder 2+3) 6,00 m 7,60 m 3,00 m 45,00 ground floor 9 7 18 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
3 Räume zusammengefasst 6,00 m 11,60 m 3,00 m 68,00 ground floor 16 11 20 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes