Best Western Hotel Rosenau, Bad Nauheim


Best Western Hotel Rosenau, Bad Nauheim

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Hotel information about COVID-19

Best Western Hotel Rosenau

Special Hygiene & Safety Measures Regarding COVID-19

Current COVID-19 rules: There are currently no specific rules. Wearing mouth-nose protection is voluntary and is for your own protection. Disinfection devices are located in the entrance area and on the public toilets, The tables in the public areas and door handles get disinfected regularly during the day. Reception: The counter is also disinfected regularly The key cards are thrown into a designated box by the guests, and get disinfected. Housekeeping: After departure, the room will be completely disinfected after the final cleaning. Restaurant: The rooms get ventilated on a regular basis, after the guest leaves the table, the table is wiped with disinfectant

Special Services Regarding COVID-19

We are happy to serve you the breakfast as a buffet. For your use: disposable gloves and disinfection station.

Service Restrictions Regarding COVID-19

The restaurant is open. On Sundays and holidays the restaurant is closed but we will be open for brunch. Meals can be ordered also from our snack menu in your room. The sauna is closed.

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Location & Directions

Steinfurther Straße 1 - 5
61231 Bad Nauheim

w3w restaurant.heartache.finally

Tel: +49 (0)6032-96460
Fax: +49 (0)6032-9646666

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Hotel Review
Overall rating 76%
Room 73%
Cleanliness 80%
Service 78%
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