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Recreation & Leisure


Weimar is a city for the soul and the spirit. A firework display of culture awaits you on every corner, on each street you walk in the footsteps of unique, great personalities of history. With every step and every look, you immerse yourself in the history of the cultural city. And while you roam and wonder, you will also encounter the culinary treasures of Thuringia: fried sausages and Rostbrätl for example, to fantastic Thuringian wine and much more. So what could be better than getting in shape before or after exploring the city full of highlights and enjoyment. We have many options for this. Finn sauna and steam room awaken the spirits and are ideal places to talk to others and to rave about Weimar. Our gym, on the other hand, with treadnill, ergometer, stepper, dumbbells and co. attracts all those who want to celebrate the unity of body and mind.

Opening hours of the recreation area

Worth knowing

Weimar is above all a cultural city: Goethe, Schiller, Herder, Liszt, Bach, van de Velde and Gropius - all of them and many others left their mark here, not only in the city, but also in the Russicher Hof, an integral part of the history of the City. In 1999, Weimar was also the cultural city of Europe. The Weimar Bauhaus has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996, and in 1998 the Weimar Classic Ensemble was added to the World Heritage List. In 2008, the city celebrated with numerous events the work of Johann Sebastian Bach, who came to Weimar 300 years ago. In 2011, the city celebrated the 200th birthday of the composer Franz Liszt, who lived and worked in Weimar for 10 years. The German National Theater is a historic place. Here the Weimar Republic was proclaimed and many operas, e.g. the Lohengrin by Richard Wagner, premiered.
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Recreation and leisure facilities
at the hotel

Steam bath available
Bike rental available for a daily fee
Finnish sauna available
Gym available
Massage for a fee


Ilm (River/Lake) 2 km
Thüringer Wald (Mountain*s) 60 km
Park an der Ilm (Park) 1 km
Theater im Gewölbe 1 km
Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar 0,30 km
Wohnhäuser von Goethe und Schiller 0,60 km
Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek 0,80 km
Bauhaus Museum 0,60 km

Sport and relaxation
around the hotel

Golf course 9 hole 15,00 km
Golf course 18 hole 15,00 km
Jogging track 1 km
Cosmetics studio 1 km