Best Western Hotel am Europaplatz, Königsbrunn


Conference facilities

Find out more about our event options here. We have various rooms available for different event formats. From room sizes and sketches to possible seating arrangements and corresponding numbers of participants to conference technology - here are the details!

Number of conference rooms: 3

Maximum number of persons in the largest room with auditorium seating: 15

Conference technology

Conference technology included in flat rate fees:

for charge:
Magnetic board, CD player, Pinboard, Data projector, Canvas, Flipchart, Photo copy

Morning break: Bavarian breakfast with white sausages, pretzels, sweet mustard and Paulaner wheat beer Afternoon break: Ice cream in summer During the colder months: fruit-, cream-, crumble-cake, pastries Dinner in Restaurant ZELLER: Swabian-Bavarian evening menu Cozy evening in the South Tyrolean wine tavern with specialties

Large events can be held near the hotel here:

Name Max. persons Distance
Festsaal im BEST Hotel ZELLER  60  0,10 km

Our BEST program for fun and a great time: Brewery tours in the historic brewhouse Riegle
Tour of Malzboden on the Art Nouveau building through the fermentation area and storage cellar to the deep well with information about raw materials, brewing process and interesting things about the beer - including tasting and snack. Duration: Guided tour approx. 1 hour / snack and tasting: up to 2 hours Participants: individually or as a group of 15 to 45 people

Our BEST cultural programming: Augsburg with all your senses
Experience Augsburg with all your senses “Understanding Augsburg’s History” is the motto of the tour where you can taste, smell, see, hear and understand the city. Duration: 2 hours.

Cineplex Cinema directly next to the hotel
The Chineplex Cinema located directly next to the hotel. We have arrangements for our hotel and conference guests for a movie with soft drink & snack. From 25 people we can arrange a pre-ordered film on your request.

Conference and event packages

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Express Inquiry

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Convention rooms

The maximum numbers of persons refer to "new normal" seating and are calculated with 1.5 m distance per person. Not specified numbers of persons, especially in the banquet seating, are available on request.

Room diagrams

Room Length Width Height Area (m2) Floor
London+Paris+Rom 27,00 m 3,00 m 3,20 m 81,00 ground floor 9 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
Paris 6,00 m 3,00 m 3,20 m 18,00 basement 3 no - not available Yes Yes
London 6,00 m 3,00 m 3,20 m 18,00 ground floor 3 no - not available Yes Yes
Paris + Rom 16,00 m 3,90 m 3,20 m 63,00 ground floor 10 12 7 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
Rom 10,00 m 4,50 m 3,20 m 45,00 ground floor 9 9 6 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes