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Conference facilities

Find out more about our event options here. We have various rooms available for different event formats. From room sizes and sketches to possible seating arrangements and corresponding numbers of participants to conference technology - here are the details!

Number of conference rooms: 6

Maximum number of persons in the largest room with auditorium seating: 60

A dish, a warm snack, a snack buffet or a lunch buffet - we are more than happy to fulfill all particular wishes! Coffee & tea break Vitality Kick with a refreshing mango lassi, fruit yoghurt in mason jars, whole-grain bread rolls with fresh herb curd and cream cheese. Coffee & tea break French Time with a selection of sweet mini croissants. Coffee & tea break American Classics includes bagels with topping, mini muffins and chocolate cookies. Coffee & tea break Sandwich Heaven includes baguettes, ciabatta and foccacia topped with air-dried ham, salami and brie cheese.

Large events can be held near the hotel here:

Name Max. persons Distance
Volkshaus  200  5,00 km
Volksbad  150  4,00 km

Our BEST program for fun and a great time: Climbing Park Hohenfelden
On 82 climbing elements like Tarzan from tree to tree... or climbing across shaky bridges like Indiana Jones and cross obstacles with ropes? Explore the climbing park in Hohenfelden! You will have enjoyment, adventures and action in one place. From net bridges to shaky elements to Tarzan ropes, there are many different tasks to solve.

Our BEST cultural programming: Planetarium
In a planetarium, a simulated starry sky is being projected with a special projector to an interior dome with a diameter of 23 meters inside Jena's planetarium. On a total projection surface of 900 square meters, you can watch the movement of the stars completely independent of time and weather conditions.

Our BEST sports programming: Golf Trial

Playing golf without any previous knowledge! You can get to know golf in an easy and uncomplicated way. Experienced golf teachers will show you the most important basics. Have fun at your first swings!

Volksbad Jena
The Volksbad Jena is 4 km away from our hotel and ideally located in the city centre (across from the ICE train station Jena Paradies). Enjoy the unique atmosphere in the former indoor swimming pool and let this event become an amazing experience.

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Convention rooms

Not specified number of persons, especially in the banquet seating, you will receive gladly on request

Room Length Width Height Area (m2) Floor
Jena/Winzerla 16,80 m 21,90 m 3,00 m 300,00 ground floor 150 45 250 Yes Yes
Konferenz IV 6,00 m 3,40 m 2,50 m 20,00 ground floor 8 10 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
Konferenz I 6,50 m 6,80 m 2,50 m 44,00 ground floor 15 15 30 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
Winzerla 11,20 m 10,50 m 3,00 m 120,00 ground floor 60 35 80 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
Jena 16,80 m 11,40 m 3,00 m 180,00 ground floor 120 45 120 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
Konferenz III 6,50 m 3,40 m 2,50 m 22,00 ground floor yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes
Konferenz II 6,50 m 6,80 m 2,50 m 44,00 ground floor 15 15 30 yes - individual adjustable Yes Yes