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All motorcyclists are welcome here...

But let's be honest - motorcycle racing, mileage guzzling, adrenaline flood, these are not our topics. We also like to give tips and suggestions for beautiful goals, but on these topics we lack the expertise.

You love the enjoyable cruising away from the hustle and bustle and stress?

You want to discover our beautiful Bavaria for you?

You want to experience the majestic alpine panorama?

My wife and I have been driving for many years large and small tours, she with your Honda NC 750 automatic, I with my admittedly not quite dewy BMW 80 RT built in 1980. We enjoy the road, we are looking for new destinations möglichst relaxing and enjoyable to reach. And we look forward to familiar destinations, all with great memories. This we would like to share with you.
With that said, it's not so easy to define a „nice route“. As always, it is a mixture of persönlichen Präferenzen and factual necessities. Therefore, each route should be adapted to the fellow riders.

Best Western Plus Parkhotel Erding Motorrad

Tour recommendation

Burghausen round trip

Parkhotel Erding Motorradtour 1

Beautiful round trip on smaller roads, with great scenery and beautiful views. Burghausen Castle and the old town are worthwhile destinations. The route is variable, can be extended south towards Tarsdorf, then either north or south around Lake Chiemsee, or on the way back by larger roads also abbreviate.

Length: approx. 198 km
Duration: approx. 4 hours
Recommended time: May - October

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Art lock castles

Parkhotel Erding Motorrad 2

Over small roads to the Kuchelbauer with Hundertwasser tower and museum. Continue to Kehlheim to the lock and with a little luck look at ships. Past Randeck Castle, through the hinterland to Prunn Castle and Riedenburg. From Falkenhhof Schloss Rosenburg, a short walk to the Rabenstein castle ruins is a must, if only for the magnificent view. Finally, it's back home to Erding on winding roads.

Length: approx. 227 km
Duration: approx. 4.5 hours
Recommended time: May - October

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ED - Hocheck

Parkhotel Erding Motorradtour 3

Beautiful tour to the Zenzi to Hocheck. On the way a detour to Wilparting, probably one of the most famous photo motifs in Bavaria. On the return trip a detour through the picturesque Wasserburg. The tour can also be extended nicely, e.g. via Bayerisch Zell, Tazelwurm, Neubeuren, Rosenheim.

Length: approx. 185 km
Duration: approx. 4.0 hours
Recommended time: April - October

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