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Best Western Travel Card

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of a journey. The Best Western Travel Card is a rechargeable value card that can be used for Best Western stays in any of our over 4,000 hotels in over 100 countries. The Travel Card is available in USD, CAD, EURO and GBP and serves as Best Western "cash". It can be used to pay Best Western hotel fees (all eligible services managed or operated by a BW hotel) and applicable taxes. Each Travel Card is subject to the terms and conditions published at Cards issued through Best Western Rewards can be replenished through the Best Western Rewards Member Service by redeeming points.

Note: This Best Western Travel Card can be issued as a physical gift card upon request. Please contact the Best Western Rewards Member Service for further assistance.

3,600 15 Euro Best Western Travel Card
6,000 25 Euro Best Western Travel Card
9,500 40 Euro Best Western Travel Card
12,000 50 Euro Best Western Travel Card
24,000 100 Euro Best Western Travel Card

3,600 Points

6,000 Points

9,500 Points

12,000 Points

24,000 Points

Best Western Rewards

Treat yourself to a free night from your Best Western Rewards points in one of over 4,000 Best Western hotels in around 90 countries. No Best Western hotel is like any other, because each hotel is privately run and therefore has its own individual charm. A free overnight stay is available from 5,000 points and is always valid for a standard double room. So you can usually redeem your first free night after only 6 regular nights.

How to book a free night​
To redeem your points for a free night, please first log in under "Best Western Rewards - My Account" with your personal information. Then select your desired hotel as usual in the booking mask. In the "Rewards" area you can book your free overnight stay comfortably in a few steps. Or you can book by telephone on the toll-free number +49 800 2125888 in our reservation centre.​

Your free night as a voucher​
You can also redeem your points for a voucher for free nights. Select your desired points category and the voucher will be sent to you by e-mail.​

Please note that this voucher is valid for 6 months from date of issue. The voucher can be transferred to other travellers at any time.​

5,000 Points

8,000 Points

12,000 Points

16,000 Points

20,000 Points

24,000 Points

28,000 Points

32,000 Points

36,000 Points

40,000 Points

56,000 Points

70,000 Points

Shipping time approx. 2 weeks.​
Rewards cannot be sent to post boxes.

The crisis in Ukraine is deeply upsetting.

Especially children, as the smallest and most vulnerable members of our society, are affected. In cooperation with the Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation Drying Little Tears, we would like to give you the opportunity to help with your earned Best Western Rewards points.

Your donation of already 1,000 points helps to provide support to the little ones where it is most needed.

1,000 points value a donation of 3€.

Donate points

Punkte spenden für die Ukraine

Donate your collected points to the International Committee of the Red Cross and support those affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

As the security situation allows, the ICRC is responding to urgent humanitarian needs and must be able to continue their life saving work. . This includes, for example, improving the living conditions of people whose homes have been damaged by heavy fighting and providing access to clean water.

500 points value a donation of 2 USD.

Donate points

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